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Titaniam Vault

Next Gen Tokenization For Data Intensive Organizations

Are you searching for an industry-leading data vault that isn’t restrictive? Titaniam Vault is a revolutionary tokenization solution that can deliver all the benefits of traditional tokenization without the severe data usability and performance restrictions that organizations have had to live with in the past.

Titaniam’s Vault is built for high-performance, petabyte-scale, analytic use cases and enables full-featured search and analytics without any decryption or detokenization. This makes the Vault and all downstream systems utilizing vault data immune to insider threats and all data-related cyberattacks including double extortion ransomware. With advanced capabilities, such as structured data analytics with full context, encrypted voice manipulation, and sensitive document text search, our data vault is the most comprehensive data security solution yet.

In addition to delivering sophisticated data security, the Titaniam Vault is a game changer for privacy teams as well. With its ability to release data in all nine privacy preserving formats, support for granular privacy policy, and in-depth reporting, Titaniam eliminates the need for multiple traditional point solutions.

“Titaniam provides substantial reduction in risk from ransomware and other data related attacks”

Titaniam Vault’s Key Capabilities

Until now Tokenization has been both a symbol of strong security, and at the same time, it has also been one of the most invasive, inconvenient, slow, and expensive security controls in the enterprise. Titaniam is here with a formidable set of capabilities that eliminates all those challenges and provides enterprises with the strength of tokenization without the ugly tradeoffs of the past.

In addition to supporting traditional tokenization features such as swapping sensitive data for tokens, and detokenizing or releasing clear text when asked; Titaniam Vault truly changes the tokenization paradigm by delivering the following additional capabilities:

Data Types & Context
In addition to tokenizing individual data items, Titaniam Vault supports full data context via documents and collections; structured and unstructured data; binaries and tags; and field, index, collections, file, and schema-level security.
Search & Analytics
Supports full-featured search and analytics without detokenization; search through unstructured data; and fuzzy search such as Soundex. It includes full-text search, including prefix, suffix, wildcard, etc.
Data Privacy
Releases data in all nine privacy-preserving formats and enables secure data sharing with partners and suppliers. It supports granular field-level privacy policies and private data sharing across vaults or applications.
Encryption Keys / HYOK
Integrates with industry-leading key vaults for key materials and supports Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) at scale and zero downtime key rotation and re-keying. It is also resilient against compromised master keys
Integration & App Development
Integrates with existing application role-based access control (RBAC), seamlessly interoperates with other Titaniam models to expand coverage and supports developer-led security with the direct development of new applications on top of the vault.
Certification, Compliance & Post-attack Support
Provides visibility into data observed, accessed, or exfiltrated in an attack and post-attack evidence of compliance and certification. NIST FIPS 140-2 validated with all individual algorithms and key derivation, NIST CAVP certified.

Titaniam Vault’s Deployment

The Titaniam Vault delivers far beyond traditional tokenization and can be used in three powerful ways.

First, customers can use Titaniam’s Vault as a standalone solution to store and analyze valuable data without decryption.  Second, the Vault can also be used as a companion data store for existing applications where sensitive data is transparently isolated into the Vault while retaining the primary DB for other types of data. The third and most powerful use of Titaniam’s Vault is to build ground up systems that are natively immune to data compromise.

All Vault functionality is exposed via API based interfaces and the Vault comes natively integrated with the entire Titaniam suite which expands its protection far beyond the reach of traditional data security other tokenization solutions.

Titaniam Offers More Than Just Data Tokenization Solutions

Secure your data against cyber attacks with the full Titaniam Suite. Compliant with major regulations, and immune to ransomware, extortion and misconfigurations, our five interoperable modules can give you peace of mind that your data is safe.
Select the modules you need to suit your architecture, and let us take care of the rest.
Titaniam Vault
Titaniam Vault
Titaniam API
Titaniam API
Titaniam Proxy
Titaniam Proxy
Titaniam Plugin
Titaniam Plugin
Titaniam Platform

Titaniam Studio

Configure and manage Titaniam modules and services. View logs, dashboards, and reports.

Why Should I Add Titaniam To My Data Security Toolbox?

Compliance Is Easier Than Ever

Titaniam encryption meets with the most stringent data protection standards in all major regulations and frameworks.

Privacy Enforcement Is A Breeze

Titaniam releases data in all nine privacy preserving formats so it can be individually configured for downstream systems and users.

Cost Goes Down While Coverage Goes Up

Compared to traditional, extortionate tokenization solutions, Titaniam secures as much data as needed while retaining usability.

Time To Value Is Unbelievably Fast

The Titaniam plugin can be fully operationalized within a half a day, whilst the Proxy takes a few days.

If Attacked, Titaniam Makes Life Easier

In any attack scenario, Titaniam provides visibility into any data that was observed, accessed, or exfiltrated.