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Gain unprecedented visibility and control over the utilization of Gen AI within the enterprise to secure a competitive edge, accelerate business growth, and increase productivity.

Titaniam is the platform to help you embrace and accelerate the competitive promise of Generative AI throughout the enterprise.

Titaniam is the platform to help you embrace and accelerate the competitive promise of Generative AI throughout the enterprise. Our software-suite is the essential foundation to provide you with the full visibility to understand Generative AI use, along with the governance, security and education to manage it well. Regardless of your current stage of Generative AI program development, Titaniam AI will rapidly enable your buildout of a trusted, responsible program that will lift your organization’s competitiveness and achieve Generative AI’s promise of unprecedented productivity and revenue gains.

Why Visibility is Essential:

Titaniam’s AISPM (AI Security Posture Management Platform)

Titaniam’s AISPM (AI Security Posture Management Platform) enables enterprises to both gain rich visibility into usage and also to create and enforce generative AI governance policies that mitigate compliance, IP, privacy and other related risks. Further, Titaniam supports employee education by usage-based policy distribution and also supports security investigations by connecting Generative AI to the broader security stack.

With Titaniam executive teams can have the following:

Previously Undiscoverable Critical Insights
Visibility provides the data and insights required to uncover and understand current productivity use cases as well as to build the guardrails, training and security for your program
Uncover & Manage Shadow AI
Ability to see unapproved and unsanctioned GAI use in the enterprise and the downside risks of such use – also known as Shadow AI.
Ongoing monitoring, governance, and compliance
You can’t manage what you can’t see. Real-time monitoring allows you to monitor, measure and evolve your guardrails and education programs to maximize productivity and program adoption, while maintaining compliance, security, and privacy
Immediately actionable
It can take as little as a day to get up and running to get the visibility that will be instrumental in getting a responsible, secure and compliant program started to deliver the productivity and growth promise of Generative AI.
Ability to Leverage existing security controls
Titaniam connects Generative AI usage to existing DLP, SIEM, SOAR, Incident Management and alerting controls to give security teams the ability to monitor and mitigate security risks.

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