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Enterprise Security Priorities for 2023

Titaniam’s Enterprise Security Priorities for 2023 finds that an overwhelming majority of organizations ie. 92% intend to increase their cyber budgets for 2023. Of all the anticipated challenges for 2023, data security was on the top of the list. Attackers are expected to target large corporations without industry focus. We expect to see data other than PII to be targeted for ransomware and extortion. Further, survey participants indicated that they plan to look beyond conventional data security techniques such as traditional tokenization towards encryption-in-use and modern tokenization that supports search and analytics without decryption or detokenization.

enterprise security priorities 2023

Executive Summary

2022 was filled with news headlines covering one major cyberattack after another. Even as enterprises increased their security investments and seemingly improved their security postures, this did not seem to reflect in attack and data breach statistics. In 2022, at Titaniam, we conducted both the Data Exfiltration and Extortion Survey as well as the State of Enterprise Tokenization Survey to gain a better understanding on what was really going on with data security in the context of these frequent and ferocious attacks.

As 2022 rolls to a close, we are interested in a quick look back on top risks and challenges that were faced in 2022, especially in the context of data security, as well as expectations for 2023 on those same topics.

In order to get first hand data on enterprise sentiment regarding cybersecurity risks, challenges, budgets, and priorities for 2023, and where possible, compare the sentiment against 2022 expectations, we undertook this survey.

Titaniam commissioned an independent third-party to conduct this study on this topic. In this original research study covering 100 enterprises, we asked the above question and we are delighted to present our findings in the form of this report.

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Enterprise Security Priorities Report