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Security For Object Stores

Securing Object Store Data From Ransomware, Data Breaches, And Insider Attacks

Are you worried you could be hit with a ransomware attack and lose valuable data? Are your customers worried large amounts of their data could be compromised from your cloud object stores such as AWS S3, Azure Blob, and GCS? Titaniam’s Cloud Data Protection Software provides always-on encryption to keep cloud data secure from compromise and also enables HYOK (hold your own key) to give security control back to data owners.

Object stores like Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and Google Cloud Storage are among the top breached systems of all time. These systems are so powerful and versatile, with a broad range of configuration options, that more often than not customers end up misconfiguring these, and leaking valuable data. In addition, many do not offer the granularity or flexibility to manage cloud data protection at the file level. This means that admin access to these buckets yields massive amounts of data and consequently any type of admin or privileged compromise can lead to disaster. 

Titaniam provides enterprises with a Cloud Data Protection Software, Proxy, that enables strong and versatile protection for object stores such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and GCS. The Titaniam Proxy automatically encrypts all data written into S3 or Azure Blob using NIST FIPS 140-2 validated encryption. Titaniam also automatically builds an encrypted search index with associated metadata. In addition, for structured data, Titaniam also makes encrypted data richly searchable without decryption. 

Data that needs to be retrieved from object stores leaves via the Titaniam Proxy and can be released according to granular privacy policies, in a number of privacy preserving formats, and per existing RBAC.

Finally, Titaniam enables rich key control allowing external data owners to either supply encryption keys (BYOK) or hold their own keys (HYOK) for their portion of data on the shared platform. If desired, customers can turn keys off and disable the use of their data. 

“With the growing importance of data privacy, the fact that vast majority of data breaches taking place with valid credentials, and the need for companies to do a better job, Titaniam fills an important need to protect data while it is being used”

– Amit Jasuja
Venture Capitalist, Cybersecurity Thought Leader

Titaniam Object Store Proxy Key Capabilities

Titaniam’s cloud data protection platform enables both enterprises that use object stores directly, as well as those that have built products on top of object stores, to keep very large volumes of data secure from insider threats, malicious attacks, and data privacy violations.

Titaniam’s cloud data protection solution offers security that goes beyond native cloud platform options as it secures against not just cloud platform admins, but also any privileged users or compromise that takes place within the enterprise themselves. 

The following are Key Capabilities for this Titaniam Cloud Data Protection software module:

Seamless Encryption
Titaniam’s cloud data protection software, Proxy, ensures that all files are encrypted prior to landing on the object store, using keys resident on external key vaults, and released in a secure and controlled manner based on RBAC and associated privacy policy.
Eliminate Attacker Leverage
Any direct, admin, or privileged access to a Titaniam protected object store yields encrypted data. Titaniam’s advanced cloud data protection software foils typical ransomware attack patterns by ensuring attackers cannot exfiltrate large volumes of unencrypted data via privileged access to AWS S3. Azure Blob. or GCS.
No Unauthorized Browsing
In addition to encrypting the contents of files, Titaniam’s advanced encryption-in-use capabilities enable the encryption of file names while still allowing end users to search across these as they normally would. This further strengthens data security.
Granular Keys, BYOK/HYOK
Titaniam integrates with industry-leading key vaults for key materials and supports Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and Hold Your Own Key (HYOK). Keys can be applied on a per entity, department, user or file basis for strong security and data segmentation. Keys can be across clouds or on-prem.
Searchable Encryption
If configured to do so, unstructured data inside Titaniam protected object stores can be fully searchable without decryption. This enables data to stay encrypted longer in its lifecycle and limits data decryption to small subsets of data and with tight privacy controls.
Enhanced security beyond native platform encryption
Native platform encryption consists of encryption-at-rest that secures data against platform administrators or compromises at the cloud platform level

Titaniam Object Store Proxy Architecture

Titaniam Offers More Than Just Cloud Data Protection Solutions

Secure your data against cyber attacks with the full Titaniam Suite. Compliant with major regulations, and immune to ransomware, extortion and misconfigurations, our interoperable modules can give you peace of mind that your data is safe.
Select the modules you need to suit your architecture, and let us take care of the rest.
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Why Should I Add Titaniam To My Data Security Toolbox?

Compliance Is Easier Than Ever

Titaniam encryption meets with the most stringent data protection standards in all major regulations and frameworks.

Privacy Enforcement Is A Breeze

Titaniam releases data in all nine privacy preserving formats so it can be individually configured for downstream systems and users.

Cost Goes Down While Coverage Goes Up

Compared to traditional, extortionate tokenization solutions, Titaniam secures as much data as needed while retaining usability.

Time To Value Is Unbelievably Fast

The Titaniam plugin can be fully operationalized within a half a day, whilst the Proxy takes a few days.

If Attacked, Titaniam Makes Life Easier

In any attack scenario, Titaniam provides visibility into any data that was observed, accessed, or exfiltrated.