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Highly Advanced and Comprehensive

Encryption-in-use Searchable Encryption
Traditional Encryption Format Preserving Encryption
Searchable Data Tokenization Traditonal Data Tokenization
Static and Dynamic Masking Whole and Partial Masking
Whole and Partial Redaction Cryptographic Redaction
Continuous Anonymization and De-Identification Pipelines
Granular Key Derivation Bring/Hold Your Own key at scale

With six modules covering the breath of enterprise architectures and out-of-the-box support for a full range of data security and privacy controls, Titaniam is the most powerful and versatile data security platform in the market today. Titaniam offers advanced data security controls like encryption-in-use, searchable encryption, and analyzable data tokenization, as well as the full breadth of traditional controls such as traditional and format preserving encryption, vaulted and vaultless data tokenization, static and dynamic masking, anonymization and a full range of key based controls such as BYOK and HYOK in a single solution. All of Titaniam’s cryptographic algorithms are NIST FIPS 140-2 validated and Titaniam provides granular field level evidence of encryption for day to day scenarios and for incident investigations.



Searchable Encryption

Analyzable Data Tokenization

Traditional Data Tokenization

Traditional Encryption

Format Preserving Encryption

Data Masking

Whole and Partial Redaction


Granular Key Derivation

Bring/Hold Your Own Key


All DBs – RDBMS, Document DBs, Snowflake…

Enterprise Search – Elasticsearch, OpenSearch

All Object Stores – AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, GCS…

All SMB, NAS, and S3 based File Shares and File Servers…

Independent Developer APIs for all Titaniam Security Controls…

All Clouds – AWS, Azure, Google. Traditional Data Center, Hybrid

Titaniam Modules

Encrypted Analytic Data Vault

Next gen data tokenization engine with full featured analytics on NIST FIPS 140-2 encrypted data, HYOK and secure data sharing

Enterprise Search Plugin

Full featured encrypted search on NIST FIPS 140-2 validated encrypted data. No clear text in index, reverse index, or memory

Object Store Proxy

Object level NIST FIPS 140-2 validated encryption with granular privacy policy based data release with HYOK and RBAC integration

File Share Proxy

Always-on encryption for unstructured data. Completely transparent to end users but secure against ransom/extortionware

API Translation Service

Full suite of Titaniam capabilities available via a API for developers to build data security into applications from the ground up

Studio and Dashboard

Titaniam Studio and Dashboard provides visibility into how data is protected, transacted and released across modules

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