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Learn how Titaniam locks down Elasticsearch data with encryption-in-use

Why use Titaniam Plugin for Elasticsearch?

Conducting search and analytics on vast quantities of data requires the indexing and persisting of this data in clear text inside enterprise search platforms such as Elasticsearch. These platforms are the perfect targets for data hungry ransomware and extortion actors, who either look for misconfigured clusters or steal admin credentials.

Titaniam is finally here to put an end to all that. Here is how we use encryption-in-use to neutralize all such attacks.

Titaniam Plugin Features

Titaniam can be used to define sensitive fields inside Elasticsearch schemas
Titaniam Plugin enables sensitive data to be indexed and searched while still retaining FIPS 140-2 certified encryption at all times.
Titaniam plugin retains rich search capability
Titaniam comes with a rich key management infrastructure including index specific keys and keystore integrations, field-level key derivation and integrations to major key vaults.
Customers and data owners can bring or hold their own keys external to Elasticsearch or Titaniam (BYOK/HYOK) at scale
Titaniam does not trade off search performance for security
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How it Works
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