Arti Raman


Pakshi Rajan

VP Products

Karthikeyan M

VP Engineering​

Fadil Mesic


Howard Doherty

VP Sales

Nikita Raman

Co-founder/ Intern


Jim Reavis

CEO at Cloud Security Alliance

Sumedh Thakar

Chief Executive Officer, Qualys

Jon Callas

Director of Technology Projects, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Izak Mutlu

Executive In Residence, Shasta Ventures

David Monahan

BISO, AbbVie pharmaceuticals

Ashok Banerjee

Engineering Leadership VMWare

Robert Rodriguez

Chairman & Founder, SINET

Javed Hasan

Product Leader, McAfee

Caroline Wong

Chief Strategy, Cobalt.io

Neelima Rustagi

Vice President, Palo Alto Networks

Kurt John

CISO of Siemens


Ray Rothrock

Investor, FiftySix Investments

Angel Investor
Lu Zhang

Founder & Managing Partner of Fusion Fund

Dale Fuller

Partner, Refinery Ventures

Practitioners Council

Chris Tillet

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer, Palo Alto Networks

Debbie Reynolds

Data Privacy & Protection Expert