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When using data-driven insights to grow business operations, significant security dangers come with the territory. Due to weak cybersecurity, many firms are exposed to cybercrime and security breaches as ransomware and extortion are becoming routine

Cybersecurity implementation is crucial for companies with Security Operations Centers, and Titaniam’s availability in the Palo Alto Network Crotex XSOAR Marketplace has allowed it to become the top choice for keeping sensitive SOAR data secure and private and ensuring it is safe from insider threats, privilege escalation, ransomware and extortion.

Ransomware Protection 

Titaniam Protect within the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace

Titaniam and Cortex XSOAR recently shared that the new Titaniam Protect module and integration are now accessible within the Cortex XSOAR Marketplace. The Cortex XSOAR Marketplace shortens the time it takes the SOC team to adopt the most recent information, skills, and methods for countering threats.

A SOC analyst needs complete access to a range of data, including application logs, network traffic with IP addresses, and embedded PII data, to be effective. To help SOC analysts do their job well, it is essential that this data be both protected and accessible. Titaniam Protect is designed to safeguard the privacy of sensitive data without compromising usability or affecting the solution’s performance. Using pre-processing criteria, the Titaniam Protect integration encrypts private information in incident feeds. Only users and playbooks with the necessary privileges can see decrypted information. 

Titaniam Protect expands horizontally in high-traffic SOC deployments thanks to its low latency and high throughput performance. The system may be integrated into existing key management infrastructure and easily supports best practices like regular key rotation and frequent rekeying. 

By encrypting all sensitive data with FIPS 140-2 compliance protection, you can safeguard the Cortex XSOAR datastore from hacking, ransomware, and extortion. Strong and always-on encryption makes it simple to prove compliance with the GDPR, CCPA, ITAR, HIPAA, FedRAMP and other regulations and frameworks.

Titaniam Protect

Defending Against Ransomware

Why Titaniam Protect?

When using the dynamic encryption capabilities in Titaniam Protect, you can upgrade your current Cortex XSOAR deployment to the highest degree of data security i.e. FIPS 140-2. Your SOC security controls will automatically support articles on data protection, privacy, segregation of duties, data residency, and least privilege in major legislation like HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and ITAR.

Titaniam makes field-level encryption demonstrable and auditable. The native audit logs of XSOAR are used to record and keep track of sensitive data access. Only the most privileged users are given access to data in clear text, and after they have used it, the data is dynamically encrypted again.

Cortex XSOAR with Titaniam becomes immune to ransomware-related data compromise and extortion, insider threats, and other types of data breaches, which is a substantial added benefit.

Effective Anti-Ransomware Security Posture

What Does Titaniam Protect Do?

Inside the Cortex XSOAR platform, Titaniam Protect enables you to secure incident data. There are two advantages:

  • Using pre-processing procedures, all sensitive data is encrypted. This renders the data store (whether BoltDB or Elastic) impenetrable to hacks.
  • Cortex XSOAR is made privacy-enabled. Only those with the necessary privileges (people and playbooks) can decrypt sensitive data and present it in plain text. Rest only sees data in its masked form.

Why is SOCs Security so important?

SOC is essential because 45% of firms have experienced a dramatic rise in cyber risks and security issues since the epidemic. Titaniam’s integration with Cortex XSOAR safeguards the privacy of sensitive data without compromising usability or affecting the solution’s performance. Your critical incident data is dynamically encrypted across the platform via the Titaniam Protect integration with Cortex XSOAR. Only specified privileged users are given access to the decrypted data.

Overall, Cortex XSOAR with Titaniam provides unmatched immunity to ransomware-related data compromise, extortion, insider threats, and other forms of data breach.

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