Microsoft leaks 6-5tb in bing search data via unsecured elastic server

Two privacy leaks for Microsoft in the same year. First the 250M records out of a support cluster in January and now this. No, it is not because Microsoft does not know best practices around data protection and privacy. The reality is that enterprise search back ends cannot avail of data-in-use protection and indices ingest clear text data regardless of its sensitivity. As it stands today, Microsoft has to hope that access control is never compromised, that they do not encounter human error and they have no insider threats to reckon with… and that is just not realistic. So what should Microsoft and others in their position do? Take a serious look at Titaniam. Titaniam Protect is purpose built for this type of problem. It provides all the traditional controls such as redaction, masking, tokenization and encryption but most importantly, it also provides enterprises with the ability to obfuscate data-in-use and inside indices so that sensitive data never lives inside the platform in clear text – not when at ingestion, not for indexing, not in memory – not anywhere. And the search and analytics still work.