Data Breach Affected 2Mn Users of Indian E-Learning Platform Edureka

Assume you will be breached. Ok done. Have a data protection plan. Ok done. What about the data you cannot encrypt? Your search indices? Your analytics platforms? Your AI back-ends? Please consider data obfuscation. In addition to all the traditional data protection controls such as redaction, masking, tokenization and encryption, Titaniam also provides data entanglement, which is data obfuscation for data-in-use and search indices so that you can be in a “zero-clear-text-sensitive-data” state even while performing fully functional search and analytics. We can reduce breach impact in the face of insider threats, misconfigurations, and human error. Today Edureka suffered the accidental exposure of 2M private end user records. Unsecured databases with sensitive data are often simple human error. Having underlying data protection makes a lot of sense.