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Titaniam Ransomware Research Report: State of Data Exfiltration and Extortion 2022

Titaniam’s State of Data Exfiltration & Extortion Report for 2022 finds that with attackers winning over 60% of the time, enterprises seeking to defend themselves from ransomware and extortion, need to look beyond the current crop of prevention, detection, and backup solutions. 

Titaniam Use Cases

Titaniam is the industry’s most advanced data protection and privacy platform. Deployed as a Vault, API, Proxy, or Plugin, Titaniam delivers NIST FIPS 140-2 level security at all times, without loss of functionality. Enterprises rely on Titaniam for day-to-day privacy and compliance as well as strong data protection during ransomware attacks.
SaaS Provider
Are you a SaaS provider who doesn’t want to risk valuable customer data?
Regulated Enterprise
Are you an enterprise who is unable to utilize data 
because tokenization kills it?
Enterprise Search User
Are you housing unencrypted data inside Elasticsearch or OpenSearch?
Product Owner
Do you want to build products that are natively immune to data compromise?
Object Store User
Do you keep valuable data in S3/AzureBlob /GCS or use them in your app stack?
BYOK Enthusiast
Are your customers asking for BYOK and you don’t know where to start?

Titaniam Features

Titaniam delivers FIPS 140-2 level encryption to data at all times including while it is being used. Zero clear text.​
Fully Usable Data​
Protected data can be fully searched and analyzed – term, prefix, suffix, wildcard, ranges for all types of data​
Automatic Compliance​
Data flows in 9 certified formats including encrypted, tokenized, masked, redacted, and valet. Full audit logs.​
Flexible Architecture
Protect your data where it is or isolate it into our petabyte scale vault. Cloud or prem agnostic. Modern or Legacy.
Third-Party Data Control
Use our advanced BYOK and Valet features to control your data as it resides with partners and suppliers.
Fast Easy Deployment
Use our platform and a combination of our Vault, API, Plugin and Proxy to build your solution in hours.
Our Partners
We are proud to partner with leading cybersecurity vendors, managed security providers, consultants, and resellers to deliver the industry’s most advanced data protection solution to both industry and governments across the world.


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