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Gen AI Security

Want to ensure AI is built Responsibly in your organization?

Apply granular data privacy controls to data training data and pipelines. Use the industry’s richest data security and privacy platform to retain encryption while selecting and extracting model training data from production data.

Clean AI Data
Replace sensitive data with privacy preserving substitutes
Retain Encryption
Perform model data extraction without data decryption
Full Data Context
Perform data cleansing by querying data with full context
Prove Compliance
Granular security controls & NIST certificates for compliance
Cloud or On-Prem
Run Titaniam AI Vault in the cloud or on-prem as needed
Unlimited Pipelines
Send unlimited variations of cleansed data downstream

AI Data Training – Titaniam’s Key Features

As the use of AI in general and generative AI in particular has skyrocketed, many enterprises have embarked on a journey to build and train internal AI models to aid in business decisions and workflows. These models require large volumes of actual transactional data for the AIs to produce valuable output. However, enterprises need to be very careful to not train models on sensitive or private data that either violates regulatory compliance, or presents a meaningful risk of being lost of leaked through AI output.

Titaniam’s AI Data Training Vault addresses these data security and privacy risks by offering the industry’s most advanced encrypted analytic vault, that can ingest large production data sets and retain strong encryption on them while they are examined and processed for AI model training. Further, Titaniam’s AI training vault can output AI training data that has been cleansed of sensitive and private information according to granular data privacy and compliance policies.

Titaniam’s AI Vault supports all types of sensitive data substitution including format preserving substitutes, redaction, and traditional tokens. Also, Titaniam’s AI Vault supports unlimited variations of output data via specified pipelines that maintain compliance at all times.

Titaniam AI Governance: The Full Suite

Comprehensive generative AI Governance includes mitigating quality and data privacy risks associated with both the creation of AIs as well as their usage within the organization. In this respect, AI Governance falls into two broad buckets: first, ensuring the AI models are trained with high quality data that is neither contaminated nor running afoul of data privacy regulations; and second, an organization’s use of Generative AI does not violate any business policies, regulations, customer trust, and legal considerations. Titaniam enables enterprises to manage and mitigate both these AI Risks.

Titaniam GenAI Governance Platform 

Gain visibility into GenAI Usage, implement security and privacy guardrails, enforce GenAI policy, and enable monitoring and forensics

Titaniam GenAI Data Training Vault

Apply granular data privacy controls to AI Data training pipelines. Retain encryption while extracting training data without data decryption

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